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       ...Just an ordinary girl, loving an extraordinary God...


I'm Chloe. 
I attend a wonderful Christian college where I'm studying English Education. 
My dream is to travel the world, serve Jesus, teach English, and love on kids. 
Tennis is cool. I'm currently playing on my college's team.
I'm a graduated homeschool student with four younger siblings (2 brothers + 2 sisters).
I try to be a long distance runner. Goal: half marathon.
Thesaurus.com. Enough said.
I play the piano, and in a different life I'd major in music.
I overuse smiley faces and exclamation marks in my texts!!!!! :)
Greatest weakness: chocolate.

her story.

My story begins before I was born. It begins with the infinite, eternal God, long before I ever existed. Somewhere in eternity past, God had sovereignly penned the story of an ordinary girl named Chloe into His Story of the world for his glory. And that’s what is truly amazing: my story isn’t really my story at all. It’s God’s story. Before he created me, he knew me and authored my entire life story. Praise be to God who promises to use my small and insignificant life for his eternal, glorious purpose!

On a chilly November morning many years ago, my introduction to this world—and God’s story—was made. And it wasn't a mistake. No detail of my story was left to chance; God knew me before the creation of the world. My time wasn't a mistake; it had been planned since eternity. My frame wasn't a mistake; God wonderfully and fearfully formed me. And yet, I was born with only one hand. One hand was all I ever knew, so I learned how to do nearly everything with one hand. For the most part, I have been able to overcome the physical challenges that having one hand brings; nevertheless, it was something that caused me to struggle with confidence, as well as an obsession of other people’s opinion of me. I would continue to struggle in these areas throughout my childhood and adolescent years, and it is one of the major areas that God has grown me and changed me as I have walked with him.

Over the years, God has graciously placed challenging situations in my life to force me to find my confidence and security in him, not in the acceptance of my peers. I've discovered that, through serving the Lord, God's strength is so greatly displayed in my inadequacies, I can now "boast in my weaknesses" as Paul did. I've began to see that having one hand is less of a disability and more of an ability: I have the ability to share about my God who never makes mistakes with curious kids. I have the ability to display courage and determination in spite of obstacles. I have the ability to influence others in a way that I may not be able to if I had two hands. And ultimately, I have the ability to glorify God. In my weaknesses and in my inadequacies—that’s where God most clearly showed his strength in my life.

My life is a story of God’s faithfulness; it’s God’s story of God’s faithfulness. Sometimes people look at my life or look at what I have been able to accomplish, and they tell me that I’m "amazing." I can only smile because that’s really not true. I’m just an ordinary young person with an extraordinary God who I believe uses me in spite of my inabilities and inadequacies. At times, I am utterly amazed that God not only can use me, but he desires to use my life and display his glory through me. When I remember that God is the Author of my life, the unknown future ahead of me is so less daunting and all the more exciting. As the God who wrote all of History is authoring my life, can’t wait to see where his grace leads me next and what other stories of God’s faithfulness I will have to tell. I can only give all the glory to God for what he has accomplished through my life and will faithfully continue to do. Praise the Lord—I am just an imperfect vessel who gets to be a conduit of perfect grace!


  1. Wow, girl! You are awesome! ...And really REALLY talented! Wow! Mmmkay, I hope you're not offended or anything by my amazement. But, just...wow. You're certainly an inspiration!

  2. I like your blog, Chloe.

    Would you like to check out my blog?


  3. What a beautiful testimony! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Hi Chloe, i just wanna drop by to say, You Inspire me. Your life is a living testimony of how good God is. i also read your Interview in Charity's blog, that one was very encouraging. I'm glad to follow your blog. :) keep inspiring.

    smiles from,
    Lhen :)


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