Friday, February 5, 2010

Humbled on the Telephone

Have you ever got one of those recorded phone calls? You know, the kind where you say "Hello" and then the message starts playing. Well, we are always getting those phone calls from our library, letting us know that we have books ready to be picked up. The caller-ID always just has the name of our city on it, not the name of the library.

So today, when we received a call with our city as the ID, we just assumed it was the library. Mom asked me just to answer it so we wouldn't have the message to delete later from our answering machine. I thought it would be kind of funny to be real silly when I answered (with it being a recording and all), so I picked the phone up and said, "HeeeeLOOO!" in the craziest voice. What I didn't expect was the voice on the other end laughing a little, then asking to talk to my dad. What?! Someone actually heard me say that?! I barely heard the guy as I tried to compose myself.

"Oh, um, he's not here right now."

"Okay. Can you take a message?"

"A . . . Sure."

I still could hardly focus on what he was saying because I was so embarrassed at what had just happened. Maybe he thinks I'm like 8 years old or something, I hoped. I clumsily got his name and number written down and hung up the phone to find my mom and siblings laughing at me, and telling me I was blushing. I was just relieved the whole thing was over!!!

Needless to say, I don't think I'll ever answer the phone like that again! =D


  1. OH thats terrible!!!! I have never had that happen to me (if it did I forget) but I have walked up to people I thought I knew and be like "HI so and so" and them say..."do I know you?" Im such a blonde, that I actually kept walking up to them each week still thinking they were the person I thought they were. O_O haha at least THEY thought it was humorous..


  2. Oh my goodness, that is hilarious, Chloe! =D I probably would've fainted... :)

  3. oh dear chloe... not fun!! but very funny!!! lol...
    who was the caller?

  4. Jessica, I think it was some guy my dad had talked to about a job earlier. Anyway, I'm glad my dad already got a job so I (hopefully) won't ever have to talk to that guy again! =P

    At least I can laugh about it now!

  5. That's pretty funny! I love those pictures!! :D


  6. Oh, yikes, Chloe! How embarassing:) haha... I've never had that happen before. At least you can laugh at it, and even post it so that we can all have a laugh! btw, my family thought that was pretty funny too:)

  7. That's never happened to me before. However, we do get a lot of recorded messages, and when we were younger, my bro and I would call the recorded message 'coconut-head'. Yeah, really immature of us. But we don't do that anymore. XD


  8. LOL that is so funny at the store we always have those recordings and I do that same thing almost everyday. You would think I'd learn.

    Love Amanda

  9. Ohh! Now you have a new most embarassing story to tell!

  10. My mom did that once. My grandma was there, and she didn't know that it was the library and she said "What on earth is you mom doing?!?!" And then mom (to the surprise of everybody) turns red and says, "Oh, yeah she's right here." LOL, it was the library, but it was a real person! HAHAHA!!

  11. Ha ha! I have done that before!

  12. My brother told me about the "say hello and the message starts" phone calls and that if you just coughed into the phone the message would start. Well, one day the library called. I picked it up, and was waiting for the message to start to see if my brother was kidding or not. Then, I kind of coughed into the phone, softly and than a little louder. Then, this voice on the other end says, "Hello...?" I was like, " Uh... hello..." I see I'm not the only one though. :-)


  13. that's hilarious!:):)


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