Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Meet Cameron and Riley

Allow me to introduce two of my new friends!

As many of you know, my digital camera broke a while back when I was on a trip. I was hoping to get a new one in time for my missions trip to BABR, but realized it wouldn't arrive in time for me to take it. So, being the ingenious person that I am (haha), I bought a new camera and had it shipped to BABR! It arrived about the middle of the week, but I was still able to take some great pics! And now for the good part....

Blogging friends, meet Cameron, my camera. Get it? Cameron. Camera. Well, I thought it was cute!

(It's slightly difficult to take a picture of your camera with your camera. Thank goodness for mirrors!)

But there's someone else very important that I want you to meet! She's cute and cuddly and her name is Riley.

Riley is a Shih Tzu, very loving, and so friendly! We love her so much! (She fits perfectly in build-a-bear clothes! =D)

I have some special posts coming up, so stay tuned! I hope you all are having a great summer! I'd love to hear how God has used your summer so far; just leave a comment!



  1. My favorite part of this post is that I'm left questioning "Does she already have the build-a-bear & clothes or was there a shopping spree specifically for Riley at the B-A-B workshop??"! hehehe Seriously...she is absolutely adorable!

    &as for Cameron... I got it!! LOL Niiiice! =)

    (&Thank you so much for the comment & prayers! God Bless!)

    X's & O's!

  2. Haha, nice name for a camera! I should name mine! I like to go with "C" names for anything weird that I name.

    My summer has gone great so far! And on my missions trip to Romania, God called me to be a missionary there! It's really neat to see God working in my life!

    Talk to you later!

  3. The looser build-a-bear clothes fit well on large rabbits, too!
    And cabbage patch kid clothes fit on puppies pretty good:) I know from experience!
    LOL!! ~Alli

    P.S. Oh, and I got a camera from my mom and dad for my graduation! It's a pretty mint green color.

  4. Riley is very cute! And nice name for your camera! Looks awesome! :)


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