Monday, February 7, 2011

The Problem of Priorities

I'm pretty sure this has been the busiest year of my life thus far. My schedule feels full to the top (but probably not compared to the lady in the picture, haha)! Needless to say, my time with God has unfortunately fallen to the back-burner. It's not that I don't do it, it's just that I feel rushed. Have you ever felt so busy that you rush your time with God?

I justify my snappy "quiet time" by saying that once this year is over I'll have more time to devote to God. But is that really true? If I'm honest with myself, I'll admit that life will always be busy. But I have to develop the habit of sacrificing my time in order to spend it with God. If prayer and Bible are a priority in my life, I'll make time for them, no matter how busy I am.

This is one area that God has convicted me of: I need to be still before the Lord. Not rushing to get going on all my work, not worrying about the day, but still. "Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him" (Psalm 37:7).

So I have to ask myself, What are my priorities and what do I spend the most time doing? Am I willing to give up "my" time to sit still in God's presence? Would I give up extra sleep, facebook time, watching that TV show, time with friends, etc.? My desire is to make God a priority in my life - but it's easier said than done.

Yes, the modern lifestyle is one of business. But I want God to be my priority in the midst of it. What are some ways that you make God and His Word a priority in your life? What are some things you've had to sacrifice in order to spend time with God?


  1. i know the feeling! thanks for the reminder Chloe. to just be still and know He's God.

    love in Christ,
    anna :)

  2. thanks for this reminder Chloe! I'm praying for you! =)

  3. Love this.
    I had been really going back and forth with my time with God. I would be really devoted one day, and then too tired to do it the next. And then I gave up my actual quiet time because I figured if I talked to Him throughout the day, it counted. Not.
    It has only been in the last week that I have really settled into an awesome routine for my quiet time with the Lord. At night, right after we get home, in my school-room in the basement. It's undisturbed, it's quiet, and I am usually very-awake anyway.

    I've found a new favorite blog :)

  4. Oh goodness...It is SO hard. I suppose I make it hard. Thank you for this reminder!

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  6. Hey, where are ya, Chloe?! :)
    I've missed your blog posts... I'm guessing your still busy with priorities? :D
    Blessings~ <3 alli

  7. Thanks Alli! You're so sweet! Yes, I have been busy! I'll be getting some more posts up here soon!



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