Monday, November 7, 2011

I Love Martha

Martha Mahinsky has all the answers to life, so her videos are certainly worth checking out:

"Not everybody is like me... unforntunately."

"If you werew a Bible verse, I would memorize you."

"If you're single... you obviously have communication problems."

"Once again, you're welcome for watching."

(You should really check out the Jostie Flicks Youtube channel. The Jost family uploads new videos nearly every week... and they are so creative and hilarious! Yeah, you might be seeing more of them on my blog soon!)

1 comment:

  1. YES!!!! The Jostie Flicks are the best!!! :) Maartha Mahinsky {aka. Martha M.} has some great advice, no? ;) My favorite Jostie Flick is A Suitor's Tale. :)
    Ps: My favorite Martha M. Quote, "When I see a hot guy...actually, "a hot guy" is probably not an approiate term, so I'm gonna say...when I see a spiritual hunk...." Ba-hahahaha! Can you tell I'm crazy obsessed? ;)


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