Friday, December 7, 2012

life is an adventure

I've always been one of those daydreamers. As a kid, my head was constantly constructing thrilling plots and stories for the dozens of adventure novels I planned to write. (It hasn't happened yet.) In my head, I always imagined myself as one of the characters in the heat of the perilous action, living a life full of heroism and excitement.

Although much has changed since my adventure novel aspirations, I still find myself drawn to the idea of adventure. In a way, I think we all dream of getting caught up in some grand scheme that's bigger than ourselves. There's a little part in all of us that wants to be part of all the action and suspense. And though my life may never have as much action as an Indiana Jones film, it is definitely full of adventure.

When I look ahead in life, all I see is an unclear future and one great mystery of a story. But when I look back on where I've been, I see all the twists and turns that God has brought me through and think, Wow! I never dreamed it would ever have turned out this way! In the midst of the journey it sure was tough, but it was always exciting. During the times that were most difficult in my life, God's faithfulness has always appeared more clearly.

With God, life is one big adventure.

Clearly, life is never boring with the Creator who specifically crafted your story into the history of the world!!! So... you can expect your story to be full of the unexpected twists and turns... but you can face the future with an adventurous spirit because he's already written the ending... and you can approach each new adventure with confidence because he's right by your side. (Like a sidekick.)

With God, you don't have to take life so seriously. Sure, there's guaranteed to be be plenty of twists and turns in the future, and maybe some disappointments and heartaches; but instead of freaking out when something doesn't go like you planned it or worrying about an uncertain situation, remember that it is just another part of God's great story. He just wants you to trust him--he's up to something incredible. Face the future like the adventure it is.

So, good news! You're already a part of the great adventure you've always dreamed of! Only in this story, you already know the ending: you are victorious in Jesus Christ. So in the next uncertainty that arises or in the next complication or disappointment, just remember God's faithfulness and constantly press forward... you're in the adventure of a lifetime.

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