Wednesday, April 3, 2013

meet my school

Hey seniors and college-searchers—you should check out one of my favorite places on earth! Yep. I've nearly finished one year here, and I've fallen in love with this place.

I love OKWU's commitment to Truth and Scripture, practiced not only in the classroom but also as a way of life. I have grown so much and have been so encouraged by the Christ-centered community and friendships here on campus. And—I kid you not—after one year I know practically everyone here! I can honestly say that I could name every person in this video right here!!! Watch it:

(No biggie, but if you pause at 0:54, I'm the girl sitting in the library.)

What can I say? I love my school. =)

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  1. 1:06, has he ever reminded you of Nick Jonas?:)

    I reckon this would be one of the awesomest things about living in America -- college. We don't have that over here. We have university, where we pick a course and study for however many years -- but this is like boarding school, college is, yeah? Your school looks awesome. American college, I might hang out with you one day!


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