Monday, April 5, 2010

Hello Strangers!

Or is anyone still there? I hope I haven't lost any readers in my absence! I've missed blogging. Things have still been a little crazy for me. Trust me, I'll try to get some substantial posts up here soon! =)

For now, here's just a quick update of what's going on...

I had a tennis match every day this week except Friday. I was a pink Easter bunny for Easter.

I'm going to be in Chicago April 12-15 for Summit Bible Quiz (Ever heard of it? It's with the AWANA program at my church.)

I'm trying to get ahead in school so I don't have to catch up when I get back. (But that hasn't happened yet.)

I'm still working on my recital peice.

So, yes, I'm busy. I've told myself that I'm going to keep my summer a little more "open," but you know how summers can turn out! =D Easter was lovely...amazing sermon...I got way too much candy (Dad, you sure went all-out! At least it was mostly chocolate! =P)

What did you do for Easter? I'd love to hear about it!



    wow, sounds like you have had a busy plate of stuff to do recently! I'm so glad everything is going well though. =)

    My Easter was great! Great sermon, had some new people, and just hung out with the family. good times. =)

  2. Chloe,
    I really like your blog! I hope you don't mind me following it! :-) It sounds like you are prety busy lately but enjoying yourself through it all!

    My easter was wonderful! I sing on my church's music team and we were able to invite 2500 homes to our service that morning. We didn't get that many people but thankfully we did get some visitors! :-) So i was at church singing for four services and then i went home and had a lovely easter dinner with my family!

    Also my dad has been in Iraq for a year and a few months so it was nice to celebrate this year's easter with him!

    Sorry for the long comment! :-)

    Feel free to check out my blog!

    Keep standing strong for God!

  3. Sounds like you've had a busy spring! I've went to an AWANA Bible quiz quite a few years ago... very fun! You have a lovely blog!

  4. Mrs. Archuleta (I wish!)April 7, 2010 at 5:06 PM

    Hey Chloe! Its Jessie Cooper here. I had a cool Easter-we got a little candy. There were some Runts that were shaped like eggs. They were pretty good. As you know, the service was exelent. Today will be more of a fave day then Easter though-our TV is kinda fixed, so I get to watch AI! I am only watching it 'cause some of the previous idols from other seasons are going to come and preform, which means ♥DAVID ARCHULETA♥ will be there! YAYYYYYY! I can't wait! Only about 3 more hours and I get to see him! AUGH!!!! In case you didn't know, I'm a rather large fan of his hot self...he's mormon, but I plan to convert him before I marry him. :D

  5. Missed you Chloe! Praying your trip to Chicago is awesome! :)

  6. Chloe~
    You haven't lost me yet:) I actually read your post awhile ago, but when I read it I didn't have time to comment (i was in a hurry:) but I'm here now!
    You must still be very busy- what are you up to now? I mean, c'mon, it doesn't take too long to update us all with a blog post!!!


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