Monday, April 19, 2010

Summit 2010

Hi. My name is Chloe. You might remember me from a blog I used to write on called Blooming in Christ. You might even remember me commenting on one or more of your posts. But I don't know. That was a long time ago. I used to have a lot of awesome posts, but they have become a little infrequent now. However, I have returned, for now, with an important clarification:

Contrary to popular belief, Chloe has not abandoned you, but rather has become otherwise preoccupied.

Thank you for understanding. Now for the good stuff....

I have returned from Chicago and am now back into the full swing of things! This is going to be brief, but here is a recap of what I did in "the Windy City."

For those of you who are familiar with the AWANA Bible memory program, Summit is a national competition of Bible quizzing from material in the AWANA handbooks. But while you're at Summit, you also get a chance to participate in AWANA Games and Volleyball competitions. (I didn't play volleyball, but I want to congratulate two of my church's teams who got 1st and 2nd overall! Way to go you guys!!!)

In Bible Quiz my team made it to the "gold" round, the round before the final round. Only ten to twelve teams make it to the final round, so getting there is quite an accomplishment! I think there were about 100 teams total this year. It was so much fun!

And while we were there, my church took a double-Decker bus tour of Chicago. There is so much I could tell you, but I'll save you the bore. =) (Actually, it wasn't boring.)

Now for the sad news: my camera broke while I was there, and I unfortunately was not able to take any pictures of Chicago. If I get any from someone else I'll try to post them. In the meantime, I'll be looking for a new camera!

So...that's about it!

In closing, please bear with me, dearest friends, as I finish up this semester of school and ignore you for a while...but not on purpose! Trust me!!! =P


  1. I totally understand about you being gone for a while (let me refrase that: forever. lol).... but if you do it again, we'll have to talk. >:/

    lol jk =D

    I'm sooooo glad that you posted and updated us! I've been wondering how you've been lately! Chicago? A doudble-decker-bus tour? Sounds like LOADS of fun! Except for the breaking your camera part. :/

    I'm so glad you had a good time!
    Love you, Chloe!

  2. No Worries Chloe! We are still here and so glad you are still going to keep blogging!

    Wow! thats so awesome! Great job Chloe...thats such an amazing acomplishment!

    Sorry your camera broke on the trip! No fun! =(

    Blessings and hugs,

  3. Sounds like a great time! Good luck finishing up all your stuff. I've missed talking with you!


  4. Hello Chloe! I am a new follower! I like your blog, and I love how you express yourself!

    God Bless!


  5. Hey Chloe! Thanks for following my blog! I enjoy reading your blog and am encouraged by it. :)


  6. ...oh and I gave you an award!



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