Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Officially Official

What kind of blogger am I? I haven't posted since the beginning of the year! *tsk, tsk, tsk* If you can pretend that this post was posted two weeks ago, then I shall consider you the most wonderful blog followers ever! =)

So, I figured, as I am seventeen years of age, that it might be about time for me to go through the process of obtaining an automobilist's certificate of authorization to operate a potentially hazardous vehicle. In other words, I decided to get my driver's license.

This is what I looked like before I took the drivers test. I wasn't really nervous, just... uncertain.

After waiting for nearly two hours past the time I was given, this is almost what I looked like (but I didn't fall asleep).

Finally, my moment of destiny came.

A very rigid and intimidating-looking man introduced himself as my evaluator. At least he smiled. Still, he looked strict; but my hope rested upon the fact (other than my mad driving skills) that since it was the end of the day, he would be tired and pass me just to get done.

A nugget of advice: If you are about to take your driving test, pray that you don't get an instructor that mumbles, because it is quite hard to hear exactly what you're supposed to do.

I finished my drive without an major mishaps. When I stopped, my instructor informed me that, to pass my drive test, I had to score at least a 75. Then he told me that I scored a 1. As I could not perceive how that was possible, seeing that I did not crash, I assumed he was kidding. (My assumption was fortunately correct.)

End of story: I passed. 

This is what I looked like after I passes. It was a great day.


  1. Congrats on passing your driver's test! Mine is coming up soon {hopefully}, I'm a little nervous... :)

  2. This is too cute, Chloe! I loved those pictures... and I can totally relate to this experience because I just took my drivers test on my 18th birthday a couple of weeks ago! My instructor was a "strict-looking" lady, but thankfully she didn't mumble. ;D I ended up passing with a score of 92 and I was sooooooo happy! lol My main fear was the parallel parking, but I passed that just fine--surprisingly!

    Anyway, consider this comment as being left two weeks ago too. ;) I want to be a most wonderful blog follower!!

    ...tee hee.

    -- Taylor

  3. Congratulations, Chloe! Isn't it awful how they call you two hours past? I think I was called an hour and a half later. :) In my license picture, I look like I'm about to pass out. I was so nervous during the test and it showed during my picture. :) How did your picture come out? Do you hate it or love it?

  4. Congrats, Chloe! A big and and another milestone in your life. Fortunately, I passed the first time I took the test... and it was the very first time I even attempted parallel parking! Just remember: the road is for cars, the sidewalk is for people. The time I tried to interchange these two is another story...!

  5. CONGRATS CHLOE!!!!! whoohoo!

  6. congrats, chloe! :) that's awesome!!!

  7. Congratulations on passing your driver's test!! I was 19 when I took my test and passed--and I think I just made it as well. :D


  8. Congrats! I loved the pictures!

  9. I dont plan on ever not following, Chloe! i love ur blog:)

    Congratulations! I had to take the test twice, cause the first time I made a LOT of silly mistakes:)
    God Bless~ Alli

  10. Hey Chloe!
    First of all...I love your blog!! I just discovered I can look at the contact info of the people who comment on my blog....:-)!
    Secondly, even though I was taking my permit test and not the drivers test, we missed each other at the government offices by a day! I got my permit on the 20th!!
    I love your pictures!!!


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