Sunday, January 2, 2011

Teach me to number my days...

At some point in my life I guess I'll have to stop being so surprised at how fast the year goes by! (And from what I hear, the older you get, the faster it seems.) Oh. My. I was just getting used to writing "2010" on all of my school papers. So... is it just me, or does the new year mess up your dates too?  *grins*

I am convinced that life is like a freight train going downhill: it seems to start out slow in the beginning; but then it picks up speed as it goes along, getting faster and faster! Then all of a sudden, the ride is over.

Because the new year comes so quickly, it reminds me of how short life on this earth is. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes (according to James 4:14). I think that so often we get so caught up in life that we forget that it's going to end. And since we don't know for sure when our lives will end, we just take it for granted that we have plenty of time. But our time is short.

What if you knew that 2011 would be your last year to live - you only had 12 months left.... Would you live it differently than any other year? Some people might do the things they've always dreamed of doing, like sky diving, getting tickets to the Super Bowl, touring France, recording an album, or even [insert your own life dream here]. But if you believed what the Bible said, you'd probably strive to do things that are of eternal value. (Of course, it's just plain sense to plan for the future, but there's a lot to be gained by living like your days are numbered.)

New Year's is filled with expectations, resolutions, and goals - all of which are very helpful. But more important than New Year's resolutions is how you actually live. Here's some great ways you can make 2011 count for eternity:

  • Begin praying that God will use this year to equip and prepare you for His purpose for your life.
  • Find a local Christian ministry where you can volunteer and invest your time - even it's only once a month.
  • READ. It challenges your worldview and "expands your horizons." Go to my FAVES page for some good ones to start with. =)
  • If you've never studied in-depth a book of the Bible, this year would be a great year to do it! I studied Philippians this past semester and I'm still amazed at how much I've gained from it!
  • - Find a way to specifically serve someone each month and record what you do and learn in a journal. Jesus came to earth to serve, so it should be important to us too!

Those are just a few. There are SO many other ways to make your year purposeful. What are some of your ideas? What are some of your goals this year?

 So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. (Psalm 90:12)

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  1. I love what you said, Chloe! (: This is exactly what my Pastor talked about this morning; life is so fleeting and short, and we never know how much longer we have on this earth!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment today on iheart! You are such a beautiful girl that shines the light of Christ through your words.

    Happy 2011!


    P.S. I have "dating" problems also... there will be quite a lot of erasing on my papers tomorrow. *sigh* haha (:


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