Friday, September 9, 2011

Link Up! 9/8/11

Dear Photograph - It's a picture of a picture. People take old photos and take a picture of it in the same place it was originally photographed. It has never been so fun to look at people's old pictures!

Starfall - This one is for the little ones in preschool. Now there's a lot of children's websites that claim to be educational, but this is seriously the best site I've found for helping kids with reading! In fact, it's more like an online interactive book than a game. My little sister loves it and will be using the activities as part of her schooling!

Suffering: the most feared blessing - "Personal suffering is the thing we fear the most." A good reminder for me that God is in control of everything, even suffering. "Suffering is no doubt God’s most feared blessing. How are you stewarding the gift?"

Thinking About Grad School - I'm not quite to this point in my life yet, but it was a helpful article about the costs and benefits of grad school. When is graduate school pursuing God's calling on our lives? When is it an irresponsibly expensive, time-consuming venture? And you might as well check out part 2 if you're interested.

You Lead - A very catchy song from Jaime Grace:

If you want a religion to make you feel comfortable, I certainly don’t recommend Christianity. —C.S. Lewis


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