Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yet Will I Wait

Patience is more than endurance. A saint's life is in the hands of God like a bow and arrow in the hands of an archer. God is aiming at something the saint cannot see, and He stretches and strains, and every now and then the saint says -- "I cannot stand anymore." God does not heed, He goes on stretching till His purpose is in sight, then He lets fly. Trust yourself in God's hands. Maintain your relationship to Jesus Christ by the patience of faith. "Though He slay me, yet will I wait for Him."

~Oswald Chambers
My Upmost for His Highest


  1. Wow! That is really encouraging! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a darling-ly beautiful picture. The colours are so vivid.

    Great quote. I read this one by him once, goes like this:

    "Every time we pray our horizon is altered, our attitude to things is altered, not sometimes but every time, and the amazing thing is that we don't pray more."

  3. Very encouraging. Thanks for sharing.
    I love the picture as well. It's beautiful :)
    I just found your blog, and I followed you.
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