Wednesday, May 30, 2012

just imagine

If songs written by mere men cause your heart to become humbly overwhelmed and awed by a great God....

if, with your humanly imperfect heart, something deep inside of you longs to worship the infinite, almighty God....

if worshiping in the midst of a mere five hundred other people causes your soul to resound with excitement and delight in the Savior of the universe....

if your heart, incapable of praising and loving God to the fullest extent, finds joy and satisfaction in His presence....

if our earthly melodies, limited by the notes, pitches, and tones of this world, inspire your soul to the highest worship of the Creator....

if our words, wholly inadequate to magnify and glorify the Great I AM and God of the universe, are what we use to give Him praise....

if our worship in this life defines some of the most wonderful and glorious moments of our lives....

then just imagine

                      what worship will be like

in heaven.


  1. hey chloe!
    while i was reading this post, about the 500 people... that's when i imagined the whole world bowing and worshipping God.

    I'm posting a link to this post because... well, because wow.

    Heaven is...
    going to be something...
    better than anything.

    God's gonna be there.Imagine the music, the sound, in Heaven. I mean, if we love music here -- what's it gonna be like in Heaven?!

    It's gonna be life.
    It's gonna be beautiful.

  2. so beautiful, Chloe...i got here from Emii's blog. reading your post, Emmi's just really makes my soul and spirit long to truly worship, to be totally and solely focused on God alone, the Almighty, Yahweh, my Savior and

  3. this is beautiful and inspiring and so, so true. I got chills. ah, so good. (:


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