Saturday, October 24, 2009

Like Women of the Bible

Like Deborah, I will serve the Lord in power and speak His word without fear.
Like Esther, I will intercede for God's people before the throne.
Like Abigail, I will humble myself to wash the feet of the servants of the Lord.
Like Sarah, I will respect my spouse and his ministry to the Lord.
Like Hannah, I will dedicate my children to the Lord.
Like Priscilla, I will explain the way of God more perfectly to those who are seeking.
Like the Shuanamite widow, I will trust God in the day of adversity.
Like Lydia, I will be a worshiper of God and open my home to His ministers.
Like Tabitha (Dorcas), I will always do good and help the poor.
Like Joanna, I will use my wealth to support the ministry of Jesus.
Like Mary, the mother of Jesus, I will hear the word of God to me and answer,
"Be it unto me as you have said."
Like Mary, the sister of Martha, I will know the voice of Jesus and hear His words.
Like Mary, the mother of Mark, I will make my home a haven for the followers of Jesus.
Like Mary, the Magdalene, I will keep at the feet of Jesus and love Him until death.
~ Author Unknown

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  1. That is cool! BTW, Sam just said that you look like Taylor Swift. I think he was just being weird though.......



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