Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Poaching, Contacts, and Other Various Contemplations

After many months of continual matches, the tennis season is finally over. For those of you who don't know, I joined a home school tennis team this year. My dad and my brothers have played for years, so I figured this would be a good year to join in (not to mention that my dad is the coach)! It has been so much fun playing all the schools around the area--our team has a winning record!

I have learned so much this year and have improved a bunch (if I do say so myself) =D. It definitely has been a challenge learning to play with one hand, but I've learned not to let that stop me from trying anything new! I'm so glad I decided to play this year!

So, as the tennis season is coming to an end, I thought I'd leave you with some of my "profound" thoughts about this tennis season:

~Whoever came up with the scoring for tennis was a complete wacko!
~Don't judge a player by their "cover"
~Poaching does not refer to illegally killing animals or cooking eggs (and is totally legal in tennis!!!)
~Always have an extra pair of contacts with you in case one falls out while you're in the middle of a match
~And if you think your contact fell out while you were playing, make sure it's not stuck somewhere in your eye
~Half of the battle is footwork
~Put sunscreen on before you play
~The wind is a great excuse for a bad shot =)
~"Hit the strings" means the middle of your racket
~Don't call a shot out until it hits the ground (oops!)
~Overheads are awesome!
~It's not uncommon to get pegged in the face
~Tennis matches can go on for a LONG time (my teammate had a 3-hour match!)
~Keeping your eye on the ball doesn't guarantee you'll hit it

Now I'm still planning on playing tennis through the summer, but it will be mostly practice an tournaments. What about you guys? Do you play any sports? If not, let me recommend tennis. =)

Check out this court! I would totally play on this one (just be sure to bring plenty of balls)!!!


  1. wow thats awesome Chloe!!! Great job!!

    haha oh my goodness...I would not be able to play on that court. WAY TOO HIGH!! haha

  2. I love watching tennis but, [sadly] I admit that I have never played it before. :/ I would love to, though! Whoa, there's no way you could get me out on that court!! Nu'uh! lol :D


  3. Chloe~
    that court whould totally make me sick!
    And i love basketball! Actually, not even playing basketball, but playing around WITH the basketball:)

  4. Heyya Chloe,
    This is ur bro!! You have an awesome blog. Just thought I'd stop by 2 tell ya that and mention some things about this post. First of all, the scoring in tennis isn't wacko, it makes it unboring. Also, did u get pegged in the face too this season? Anyhoo, you've done great this season. Yes everyone, she has a winning record. Woowoo!! Congrats on showin those kids how to play tennis. Okay, I guess I've embarrased you enough now. Keep up the blogging!! Your little bro who absolutely LUVS and adores you,

  5. Hey, have you been stalking my blog or something???? =P

    Yes, I did get pegged. Well, maybe not pegged, but I got hit in the face by the net perosn.

    So bro...
    Yo Sista

  6. That's a crazy court! I don't OFFICIALLY play a sport, but I greatly enjoy Volleyball. It's my favorite!


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