Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm Not Dreaming!

We had a white Christmas! I don't know, maybe you guys have white Christmases all the time, but I can only remember one in my lifetime (here in Oklahoma)! But now I've had another one--with about 6 inches of snow and drifts up to 15 inches! I think lots of the States have been having snow, though. Even though we had to reschedule our family gatherings, this Christmas was exciting!

Sorry about the glare...this picture was taken inside!

Dad shovelled a bunch of snow from our driveway.

We live right by a water retention area, so we're just walking distance from some big hills to sled on! The kids went to go sledding and I decided to join them a little while later. But after I got ALL my snow clothes and boots on, they decided they were done! No one wanted to go sledding with me! =D

Cierra had a blast...

...and Mariah was exhausted and could barely walk home!!!

I, nevertheless, decided to enjoy the snow by myself! =P

I hope you all had a...

We didn't get to go to our cousins' house, but we had a fun time together as a family at our house.


  1. How beautiful! The snow and your family. :)
    I wish we had snow!! We never get snow here. We live at the beach, and it never gets cold enough. I really don't think I've ever been in snow, snow. I've been in ice but no snow. :)


  2. wow! you got a lot of snow too!! It snowed about 24" at my house the weekend before Christmas and stayed like that ALL week long! Then, of course it had to rain on Christmas. =(

    LOVED the pics! You have a beautiful family Chloe!

    In Him,

  3. Wow snow I wish we had snow too. I love the pictures! HOpe you had a great Christmas.

    Love Amanda

  4. Hey Chloe! I'm sooo glad that we got snow! It is the first white Christmas in 7 YEARS! And the first blizzard in a loooooong time! Yay! We got stuck at home-so we have to postpone Christmas on my dad's side of the family. But we went sledding wtih the Browns and thir neighbors yesterday! We had so much fun! Guess what? I got a personal DVD player for Christmas! I was so happy about that!

  5. I love your *snow words*!
    And the pictures of your family are beautiful!

  6. Thank you Karis, Lexi, Amanda, Jessie, and Allison!

    ~Me =)


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