Monday, August 8, 2011

Do Hard Things 2011

As Alex and Brett closed the final session of the Do Hard Things Tour, I was overwhelmed with bittersweet emotions. On the one hand, I was filled with excitement and passion to go and put into action everything I had heard about living my best life as a Rebelutionary. I was in awe of how the pressence of God was evident that day, moving in the hearts of many there. But at the same time, I realized that this was the last Rebelution tour - Alex and Brett were moving on.

I was almost tempted to think that this was the end. But this is not the end of the Rebelution. It's only the end of the beginning. It is up to the youth of this generation to carry on what God used the Harris twins to begin. It's up to the young people to continue doing hard things for the glory of God, going above and beyond the culture's expectations, and focusing on preparing for the future.

I was so blessed to have been able to attend this conference. I was inspired, challenged, convicted, and filled with enthusiasm and passion. God is so good. There is nothing like being surrounded by over 1,000 people with the same desire to rise above the low expectations placed on youth. When I think of the young people in that room fully surrendering their lives - their best lives - to God, I am filled with encouragement and hope. If God is for us, who can be against us?

So. It's up to you, it's up to me, to carry on the Rebelution. So what do you say.... Are you with me?

"We become the men and women we strive to become. What are you striving for?"

"There's nothing more foolish than holding back from what God has in store for us because we're afraid of failing and what people will think. Failure is not wasted when you turn to God and try again."

"When we become exceptional in a mediocre culture, we become exceptionally mediocre. Do what's hard for you, not someone else."

"Don't let people tell you that you're amazing. You are just a regular teen who believes that God uses youth."


  1. Looks like you had an awesome time! I read Alex and Brett Harris's book when it first came out and loved the messages behind it =D

  2. Ah! I LOVE Alex and Brett Harris! I'm really dissapointed that the conferences are over, because I was never able to go to one:(

    That is awesome that you were able to go!!!

  3. These posts are what I need to hear right now, so thankyou for posting them -- will be saving them onto my computer!

    The conference sounds so inspiring. It would have been awesome to have the opportunity to go to one, but I guess not. I'm just thankful I get to hear about it from all you bloggers!

    Once again, thanks for posting, Chloe!:)

  4. What an amazing opportunity! I never got to attend one of their conferences, but I have read their books and they were so encouraging to me.

    I love the quotes!

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