Saturday, August 27, 2011

Link Up! 8/27/11

Hello dear Readers! I thought I would start sharing some on the interesting things I've stumbled upon every now and then. Enjoy my "findings" for the World Wide Web.... =)

9 Core Principles of Writing - A "short-n-sweet" list of principles useful for any writer.

Soul Surfer - The point of this review isn't whether this movie is "good" or "bad" (I actually haven't even seen it yet). But, as many people would label this a "Christian" film, this post simply asks the question, is it really a Christian movie?

The Freshman Fifteen - "Dining hall food gets a bad rap, but incoming college freshmen don’t seem to have a problem packing on the infamous “freshman 15.” Honoring that tradition, here are 15 ways incoming freshmen (or upperclassmen for that matter) can seek to glorify God as they head off to college this month."

Singing to Build Up - I love singing. I love worship. And this puts a whole new light on it.

Half-Aborted - I don't understand how anyone can justify abortion. The immorality of abortion is just too apparent and sooner or later people will have to come to terms with the reality of what it is.

37 Ways to Love One Another - This would make a wonderful personal (or group) Bible study!

Students Love Technology - This is a really interesting infographic on the importance of technology to students today. (And if you've never seen an infographic, you should check this out!)



  1. Chloe! So, when you told me that you went to WVA this summer, I made a connection. A few days ago I saw a comment that you left on Emily Albright's blog! Emily is a dear friend of mine; we go to the same church! That's so cool that she was your small group leader! Isn't she amazing?

    Anyway, I love your blog! These links are great... I especially liked the link for the Soul Surfer review. Count me in as a follower! :)

  2. Hi Chloe! Thanks for the follow! And I love your bio...that is so true. :)


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