Sunday, August 14, 2011


Enthralling. Captivating. Mysterious. Rapturous. Those are a few words that come to mind when I think of music. And I've been doing some thinking on music recently.

Music intrigues me. I'm fascinated that people have been writing music for centuries, and yet composers never "run out" of music to write - it's so versatile that there will always be new music. I am in awe of how when completely different notes are played together, it can sound so beautiful. It amazes me that the most intricate, complex piece of music can be precisely and literally written on a page. Possibly most fascinating of all, however, is the fact that simple sound waves floating through the air are interpreted by the ear as harmonious music that stirs the soul in a way nothing else on earth can.

Have you ever wondered why music even exists? Why are there different pitches of sound, and why do a bunch of notes have such a profound impact on us? I am convinced that music is evidence of a Designer, a loving and good God who created and enjoys beauty. Any musician (with a little theory knowledge) can attest to the fact that music is incredibly structured, precise, and ordered in a systematic and organized way. Whether jazzy and irregular, or flowy and lyrical, every piece of music can be calculated in exactness on paper. The chords are related, the keys are related... it all fits together! If the universe really came about by randomness and chance, then how can the order and harmony of music be explained? How can something with such exactness, structure and unity be accounted for?

My belief is that God created music as an expression of His nature - His character, glory, and beauty. Music reflects God's creativity. And, because you and I were created in God's image, we interpret these floating sound waves as something much deeper than sound. We understand that music is more than just notes. As human beings made in the image of God, we have a greater appreciation for the beauty (and possibly even divinity) of music.

Music has a way of reaching down inside a person and stirring the soul like words alone cannot. Music is powerful. And whether you realize it or not, it affects you. That is why it's important to only listen to truly good music. The purpose of this post is not to define exactly what kinds of music are worthy of listening. I would like to challenge you, however, to evaluate what you listen to.

I once heard "the arts" in general defined from a Biblical worldview as "skilled human creativity that reflects the truth and beauty of God." Personally, I think this is a wonderful standard for me to evaluate all types of "art" (music, movies, literature, paintings, etc.). Is it the product of skilled creativity? Does it reflect truth? Beauty? The character of God? Is it therefore worthy of my meditation?

When music is skillfully composed with order and harmony, it is beautiful. I love music. It intrigues me. It resonates deep within me. It is evidence of design and order. And I can't help but think how privileged I am and what an honor it is to worship and glorify God with music. God is good.



  1. Oh this makes so much sence to me! I love your wording :)

  2. I heart music. And your way with words, like Rachel said -- they speak to me.

  3. ♥♥ I just love your blog, Chloe:) wanted you to know that!
    God bless!! ♥Alli:)


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